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Songs of Liverpool F. C.

You'll never walk alone We all live in a red and white Kop
Poor Scouser Tommy The Reds are coming up the hill
We love you Liverpool we do A liverbird upon my crest
We hate Nottingham Forest Bill Shankly from Glenbuck
L-I-V-E-R-P-OO-L Liverpool Bill
And it's Liverpool... The Shanks
Those were the days my friend Fields of Anfield Road

You'll never walk alone

Gerry & the Pacemakers, 1963

Text/Musik: Rodgers/Hammerstein (aus dem Musical "Carousel")

When you walk through a storm,
Hold your head up high,
And don't be afraid of the dark.

At the end of a storm,
There's a golden sky,
And the sweet silver song of a lark.

Walk on through the wind,
Walk on through the rain,
Though your dreams be tossed and blown...

Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
And you'll never walk alone...
You'll never walk alone.
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
And you'll never walk alone...
You'll never walk alone.

Informationen zum Lied:

Der wohl weltweit bekannteste Fußballsong stammt aus dem Musical "Carousel" von Richard Rogers / Oscar Hammerstein, welches am 19.04.1945 im "Majestic Theatre" am New Yorker Broadway uraufgeführt wurde. Gerry Marsden (Gerry & the Pacemakers), der auch "Ferry cross the Mersey" sang, landete mit "You'll never walk alone" Anfang der 60er einen Hit.

Gerry & the Pacemakers waren eine der bekanntesten der ca. 200 bis 300 Ende der 50er / Anfang der 60er Jahre in Liverpool existierenden Bands. "You’ll never walk alone" wurde - neben vielen anderen Titeln lokaler Bands - etliche Male vor Spielbeginn an der Anfield Road gespielt. In dieser Zeit sangen die Fans gemeinsam lautstark die bekanntesten Titel mit, egal ob das "She loves you" der Beatles, Gerry Marsdens "You’ll never walk alone" oder andere Songs. Irgendwann an einem Sonnabend lief "You’ll never walk alone" NICHT über die Lautsprecheranlage des Stadion. Die Fans vom "Kop Stand" griffen zur Selbsthilfe und sangen den Titel selbst.
Seit dieser Zeit ist es Tradition, als letzten Titel vor dem Kickoff "You’ll never walk alone" einzuspielen und die Fans singen nach wie vor lauthals mit. Das mal selbst zu hören, ist eines der Gänsehauterlebnisse, die jeder Fußballfan dieser Welt mal erlebt haben sollte.

Gerry Marsden sang "You’ll never walk alone"  am letzten Tag der alten "Kop" live im Stadion an der Anfield Road.

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Poor Scouser Tommy

Let me tell you the story of a poor boy,
Who was sent far away from his home,
To fight for his king and his country,
And also the old folks back home

So they put him in a highland division,
Sent him off to a far foreign land,
Where the flies swarm around in their thousands,
And there's nothing to see but the sand.

Now the battle it started next morning,
Under the radiant sun,
I remember our poor Scouser Tommy,
He was shot by an old Nazi gun.

As he lay on the battlefield die-die-dying,
With the blood gushing out of his head (out of his head)
As he lay on the battlefield die-die-dying,
These were the last words he said:

Oooooh, I am a Liverpudlian,
and I come from the Spion Kop,
I like to sing, I like to chant,
I go there quite a lot

Support a team, that plays in red,
A team that we all know,
A team that we call *Liverpool*,
To glory we will go.

We won the league, we won the cup,
We've been to Europe too,
We played the Toffees for a laugh,
And left them feeling blue (5-0)

1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4, 5-0!
Rush scored one,
Rush scored two,
Rush scored three,
And Rush scored four...



1. Strophe (17 s, WAV, 49 kB)
5. und 6- Strophe (33 s, WAV, 98 kB)

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We love you Liverpool we do

We Love you Liverpool we do.
We Love you Liverpool we do.
We Love you Liverpool we do.
Oh Liverpool we love you.

Shankly is our hero, he showed us how to play
The mighty reds of Europe are out to win today
He made a team of champions, with every man a king
And every game we love to win and this is what we sing.

We Love you Liverpool we do...

Clemence is our goalie, the best there is around
And Keegan is the greatest that Shankly ever found
Heighway is our favourite, a wizard of the game
And here’s the mighty Toshack to do it once again.

We Love you Liverpool we do...

We've won the league, we've won the cup, We're masters of the game.
And just to prove how good we are We'll do it all again.
We've got another team to beat and so we've got to try '
Cos we're the best in all the land And that's the reason why.

We Love you Liverpool we do...

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We hate Nottingham Forest

(Melodie: "Land of Hope and Glory")

We hate Nottingham Forest
We hate Everton too (they’re shit!)
We hate Man United
But .... Liverpool we love you.

Hör-Beispiel: From the Kop (13 s, WAV, 51 kB)

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L - I - V - ...
... E - R - P ...
... double O - L
Liverpool FC

 Hör-Beispiel: From the Kop (7 s, WAV, 16 kB)

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And it's Liverpool...

(Melodie: "An der Nordseeküste")

And it's Liverpool,
Liverpool FC,
we're by far the greatest team,
the world has ever seen.

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Those were the days my friend

Those were the days my friends,
We took the Stretford End,
We took the Shed,
The North Bank, Highbury.

We took the Geordies too,
We fought for Liverpool,
We are the KOP
of Liverpool F. C.

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We all live in a red and white Kop

(Melodie: "Yellow Submarine", Beatles)

On a Saturday afternoon
We support a team called Liverpool
And we sing until we drop
On the famous Spion Kop

We all live in a red and white Kop
A red and white Kop
A red and white Kop
We all live in a red and white Kop
A red and white Kop
A red and white Kop
(Repeat forever)

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The Reds are coming up the hill

Who's that coming up the hill boys
The Reds are coming up the hill boys
They all laugh at us
They all mock at us
They all say our days are numbered

Born to be a scouse
If you wanna win the cup
Then you better hurry up
Cos its Liverpool F.C.

Victorious and glorious
We took the Gwladys Street between the four of us
So you better thank God, there was only ****ing four
Imagine what we'de done if there was more of us

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A liverbird upon my crest

Here's a song about a football team
The greatest team you've ever seen
A team that play total Football
They've won the league, Europe and all.

A Liverbird upon my chest
We are the men, of Shankly's best
A team that plays the Liverpool way
And wins the championship in May

With Kenny Dalglish on the ball
He was the greatest of them all
And Ian Rush, four goals or two
Left Evertonians feeling blue


Now if you go down Goodison Way
Hard luck stories you hear each day
Theres not a trophy to be seen
'Cos Liverpool have swept them clean


Now on the glorious 10th of May
There's laughing reds on Wembley Way
We're full of smiles and joy and glee
It's Everton 1 and Liverpool 3


Now on the 20th of May
We're laughing still on Wembley Way
Those Evertonians feeling blue
at Liverpool 3 and Everton 2


And as we sang round Goodison Park
With crying blues all in a nark
They're probably crying still
at Liverpool 5 and Everton nil.


We Remember them with pride
Those mighty reds of Shankly's side
And Kenny's boys of '88
There's never been a side so great.

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Bill Shankly from Glenbuck

It was on a cold December's day
Back in 1959
That man came down from Huddersfield Town
To lead the Anfield line
He bought Yeats from Dundee and St John
And the football world was shook
This man became a legend -
Bill Shankly from Glenbuck

But with Shankly gone we sang 'Walk On'
but feared we'd walk alone
And the search was on to find the one
Who would fill the masters' throne
And the man we found became renowned
Throughout the football game
Three European cups - six championships
Bob Paisley was his name

And when Bob stepped down he left his crown inside his Anfield home
Where Joe Fagan came and brough new fame with a treble won in Rome
Tho' the Heysel year left Joe in Tears
The following year he'd sing
When we won the league and the FA Cup
And Kenny was our King

When he played in red Bob Paisley said
He's the best he's ever seen
and the team he built in 88 ruled the football world supreme
And tho Hillsborough left us all bereft and the kop bedecked in flowers
Kenny proved he truly was our king in Anfield's darkest hour

Now the mantle has passed to a man from France
and Houllier we praise
And we sing 'Walk On' and the kop's in song
As we savour glory days
Days of ball-to-feet, days of victory sweet
Days of passion, guile and fire
Its the legacy of a man so great -
Bill Shankly from Ayrshire

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Liverpool Bill

O Liverpool Bill, you're Our Liverpool Bill
Your name is a legend
Of courage and skill
You gave us the league
All the cups and the thrills
And that’s why we love you
Our Liverpool Bill

Anfield will always remember with pride
The Scot who commanded the Liverpool side
As sharp as a razor - his wit and his voice
His love of the game made him
Liverpool's choice

Bill you will never be walking alone
The kop will be with you away or at home
As long as we breathe we'll remember you still
O thank you forever, Our Liverpool Bill

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The Shanks

He was born in bonny Scotland
And he played the football game
He came to Liverpool in '59
To help us win again.

Then with his mighty Red Army
He marched to victory
He was the legend of his time -
our hero, Bill Shankly

So all say 'Thanks'
To the shanks
He never walked alone
Lets sing our song, for all the world
Of this, his Liverpool home.

No matter where you come from
No matter who you are
Remember the year of '59
When The Reds, they found a star.

And how he shines so brightly
For the boys of Liverpool
Soon the world was about to find
This man was nobody's fool.

So all say 'Thanks' To the shanks...

The man he asked no favours
Just hard work - let's get it right
You can only succeed through dedication
And his men they all saw the light.

He gave this town his loyalty
And proved it all by success
So always remember, when we had Bill Shankly
We all knew we had the best.

So all say 'Thanks' ...

Shankly, Shankly, Shankly, Shankly (to fade)

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Fields of Anfield Road

(Melodie: "Fields of Athenry")

Outside the Shankly Gates
I heard a Kopite calling :
Shankly they have taken you away
But you left a great eleven
Before you went to heaven
Now it's glory round the Fields of Anfield Road.

All round the Fields of Anfield Road
Where once we watched the King Kenny play (and he could play)
We had Heighway on the wing
We had dreams and songs to sing
Of the glory round the Fields of Anfield Road

Outside the Paisley Gates
I heard a Kopite calling
Paisley they have taken you away..
You led the great 11
Back in Rome in 77
And the redmen they are still playing the same way

All round the Fields of Anfield Road
Where once we watched the King Kenny play (and he could play)
We had Heighway on the wing
We had dreams and songs to sing
Of the glory round the Fields of Anfield Road

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